Sunday 2 August 2020

The 20th WACEM-ACAIM- Special Global Web Conference on COVID Crisis

The 20th  in the series of WACEM-ACAIM Joint Group Meeting

 The COVID Central Academic Information System:


 The Plant Base Discovery Trial

Discussion was done with the Multi-Central Clinical Trial Team on the Progress on the Plant Based Interventional Study. The Regulatory framework and the approval process as well as the design was discussed.

 E-Epidemiology of COVID Research

Prof. Raina presented the PubMed Differential statistics of Published COVID Research and pointed out that CHINA was the major producer of research when it concerned COVID19.


Analysis of Demographic and Social Determinants in Mortality

Prof. Chauhan highlighted the major factors correlating them with open source data assessing mortality from COVID19 in the US.

Triple Cocktail Trials for Early COVID

Dr. Downing discussed the FDA approved individual studies using Colchicine, and Motelucast for COVID19.


Chronic COVID

ECOSANOID Storm was discussed in detail and its contributions to Chronic Inflammation, Fibrosis and Cancer was also highlighted.


Stock Market Impact of COVID19

Dr. Tiwari and Prof. Venkat discussed the impacts of COVID19 on US-INDIA stocks and concluded that overall health care and pharma stocks did well when the whole economy suffered.


Jefferson-WACEM Sepsis Summit 2020

In September 2020 WACEM along with Jefferson University will host the World Wide Web Summit on Sepsis 2020. It was announced that all WACEM Members could attend the summit and participate as speakers. Dr. David Gaieski is the Leader of this Summit. 

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