Saturday 15 August 2020

The 22nd WACEM-ACAIM Special Global Web Conference on COVID-19


22nd in the series of the ACAIM-WACEM Joint Group Meetings

Blind Spots Paper

The team is working on our next publication - the blind spots paper refers to phenomenon, events, or incidents that people may not recognize or realize because it falls within their "blind spot" while the are preoccupied with different issues. 

Calladoctor , the WACEM telemedicine platform is now live.

Singaporean Successes

From an excellent presentation by Dr. Fatima Lateef, we learned that hospitals in Singapore worked diligently to maintain staff well being and morale. They achieved this through daily COVID briefing emails, daily visits to the shop floor by the departmental lead, and generally supporting each other. Each department or unit had a wellbeing lead. They had simulations and training, with PPE donning-doffing procedures and ensured there was an adequate supply of PPE at all times. Their focus on self-care resulted in less medical leave than typical. They had posters, training, apps for practicing mindfulness, sleep hygiene, stress management. This is an inspiration for all departments around the world. 

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