Saturday 31 July 2021

71st WACEM-ACAIM Weekly Summit on the Contemporary issues in managing patients with special needs during the COVID Pandemic

24th July 2021

A round table meeting was held to discuss the care to patients with special needs during the COVID Pandemic.

Following patients were recognized as patients with special needs

1. Debilitated Bed Ridden patients

2. Transplant Patients

3. Patients who are addicted to Drugs and Alcohol

4. Indigent Patients

5. Patients with Obesity

6. Stable patients with special medical needs example: Cerebral palsy etc

An important aspect which was discussed was about END OF LIFE CARE for patients with special needs.

These are very important aspects which were brought to light in the midst of the COVID Pandemic.


Wednesday 21 July 2021

70th WACEM-ACAIM Weekly Summit on the Contemporary issues in Academic Medicine during the COVID Pandemic

 17th July 2021

A Global team of Experts met to discuss the progress made by WACEM and ACAIM on the Following issues

1. Telemedicine Sciences

2. Emergency Preparedness Systems 

3. Framework for the WACEM Initiatives Namely :
    A. Simulation
    B. Point of Care Ultrasound

    C. Data-Analytics 
     E. Mass Casualty Preparedness

4. Discussion was also continued on the last week discussion points about creating the Virtual education platform and COMMUNICATION was found to be the dominant aspect of the discussion. The team decided to focus on processes which emphasize communications and knowledge exchange. 

5. Discussion was also done on Remote Medical Systems which encompass an exposure to Remote Medicine. A task team was created which will deliver its First Report in the next few weeks.

69th WACEM-ACAIM Weekly Summit on the The Virtual Training Model for Academic Medicine during the COVID Pandemic

 10th July 2021

An Expert Team meeting to discuss the development of a Virtual Training Platform for Academic Medicine.

The Core Concepts of the Model revolved around creating a platform which satisfies:

1. Audio Content

2. Visual Content

3. Reading Assignments

4. Trainee Assignments

5. Recording, Evaluation and Modification Processes 

6. Communication Processes

Each Point was discussed in Detail.

Trainee Perspectives, Trainer Perspectives and Administrative Perspectives along with data Security issues were also discussed.

The Leaders decided to come up with a comprehensive time line to integrate the above systems into its development platforms.

Tuesday 6 July 2021

68th WACEM-ACAIM Weekly Summit on the The Telemedicine & Pediatric Preparedness Framework for the COVID19 Pandemic

 3rd July 2021

The Telemedicine Framework Team & The Pediatric Preparedness Team met to lay out the strategy towards finalizing key distinct and key integrating features between these two diverse topics.

Pediatric Preparedness Framework focused on  Resources and its Utilization at the correct time, correct place in purview of a correct process.

Checklists were considered key be it roles, responsibilities, accountability metrics or even after review reporting. Stock-Pile maintenance was considered key.

The Telemedicine Framework focused on developing the science around Telecommunications Technology and its application in a highly complex and accountable branch of medical care. 

The complexity of this framework revolved around various aspects from culture, to competencies to clear less criteria for using, recording, analyzing and improving the process for this extensive and random sudden surge in its usage for patient care.  

Detailed discussion were held on the above two topics.

67th WACEM-ACAIM Weekly Summit on the Pediatric Preparedness Framework for the COVID19 Pandemic in India

 26th June 2021

The 67th Weekly Summit Focused on giving the final touches to the Pediatric Preparedness Framework for COVID19 pandemic impacts in India 

Clinical Management was delineated to be specifically managed by Clinical Pediatricians. The same had to be done as per the national as well as professional society guidelines in India. 

Resources Preparedness and Process Preparedness was the key. 

The Following were finalized:

Process for triage, transfer and treatment at primary care and secondary care level.

Weight based algorithms for treatment were recommended.

Resource checklists were finalized as well as supply chain logistics. 

Stock-Pile management was an important part of supply and demand during a surge in the pandemic.