Saturday 30 January 2021

The 46th WACEM-ACAIM Special Global Weekly e-Summit on COVIPOCUS2021 (Final Session) - Using POCUS in COVID19




30th January 2021

The Fifth and Final session of COVIPOCUS2021 was held on 30th  January 2021 from 6:30PM- 10:30PM (India Time). Delegates from all over the world participated in the conference. The meeting was also attended by 15 international leaders.

Live Lab:


A Partnership between Emergency Medicine Academic Faculty at the University of Florida at Jacksonville and Florida State University at Sarasota resulted in a Laboratory Video on BioProtection of the Human and POCUS machine during the provision of COVID-19 patient care.

Sanitization, Disinfection, low level cleaning and deep cleaning concepts were demonstrated and discussed. Burning question related to single gloving versus double gloving, design of Emergency Cubicles and methodologies of simulation based education were also discussed.


Dr. Ashley Grant (FSU)

Dr. Andrew Shannon (UF)

Dr. Sagar Galwankar (FSU)

Dr. Dhanashree Kelkar (UF)

 Keynote Speakers

Dr. Mike Smith, is a Senior Lecturer at School of Healthcare Sciences at College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, Cardiff University, UK.  Dr. Smith Disussed the importance of partnering to advance the science of POCUS. He highlighted on various scenarios and challenges faced by different leaders and specialties across the world.

Dr. Aruna Munasinghe was the Secretary General for WACEM 2017 & Founding President of Critical Care Forum of Sri Lanka. He is the International Coordinator, World Collaborating Center for Acute Care. Additionally he is the Consultant Physician & In-charge of Emergency Medicine, MICU & Department of Medicine, District General Hospital, Gampaha. Sri Lanka. Dr. Aruna discussed about I-POCUS and S-POCUS and also the Samurai model of POCUS based Care.

 Dr. Guru Karnati  is a Consultant Radiologist, Lead of Musculoskeletal Imaging at the Musgrove Park Hospital, United Kingdom. He is also the Member of the Royal College of Radiologists, United Kingdom. Dr. Karnati discussed about the situation and process flow at his hospital from the perspective of the radiology department. He also emphasized the need for wellness and highlighted the importance of taking breaks during providing care.

Research Presentations brought the curtain down on the Phenomenal COVIPCUS2021 which set new benchmarks in Global Sonographic Education.

 Partnering with WHO-CCET, WACEM and Universities across the world as well as bringing POCUS leaders onto one platform were the prominent achievements of COVIPOCUS2021

February 2021 will celebrate COVISIM2021 Congress : Every Saturday 6:30 PM India Time. COVISIM2021 will focus on Simulation Education on SARS-CoV2 and Survival. 

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Sunday 24 January 2021

The 45th WACEM-ACAIM Special Global Weekly e-Summit on COVIPOCUS2021 - Using POCUS in COVID19




24th January 2021

The Fourth session of COVIPOCUS2021 was held on 23rd January 2021 from 6:30PM- 9:30PM (India Time). Delegates from all over the world participated in the conference. The meeting was also attended by 10 international leaders.

Key-Note Session


Dr. Christopher Fung from Michigan University Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Dr. Fung discussed about the various expanded uses of POCUS and current literature and recommendation for its use with patients with COVID19.

Prof. Prabath Nanayakkara from Netherlands and The Founder Member of The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine.

Prof. Prabath discussed about creating the infrastructure for Randomized Control Trials in POCUS.

Special Session of Phase Zero Trials Team

A special presentation was done by Mr. Kevin Lee from Phase Zero Trials where we discussed about Image Driven RCT in POCUS and how latest technologies could bank and analyze the volumes of data being gathered from across the world.

Open House Discussion:

A Very vibrant discussion was held on various factors related to variability, bias and anthropology when collecting POCUS data across the world.

Dr. Vali (Tanzania) Dr. Fung (USA), Dr. Prabath (Netherlands) led the discussions.

Countries such as Turkey, Japan, France, South America, Spain  and a few others have medical education in national languages. It was reemphasized to share knowledge on POCUS from these Nations.

Medical Students and Licensed Medical Doctors need different research educational training standards and that would work to decrease interpersonal variability in data collection.  

Special Remarks were delivered by Dr. Patanjali Dev Nayyar from WHO SEARO on important aspects of strategies related to growing the use of POCUS in Medicine and health facilities across India.

Featured Research Presentation:


Presented By Dr. Sanjan. A                                                                                              Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine,                                                                              Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India

The COVID-19 pandemic, has affected healthcare systems around the globe, especially in triaging and prioritizing patients for testing and isolation, especially when dealing with atypical presentations. Computed tomography (CT) scan of the chest is the imaging modality of choice. Interstitial involvement was the main finding. Lung ultrasound (LUS) is an alternative to chest CT that had gained popularity in the triage, diagnosis, and follow up and even to prognosticate the COVID patient. Recent studies had shown the utility of LUS in the diagnosis of COVID-19 that showed various findings ranging from A lines to consolidation depending on the severity of the infection. In addition to this LUS scoring system has gained popularity with score ranging from 0 to 36. Studies have shown LUS could be used for strategizing the management plan of the patients, could diagnose early VAP. Increase in LUS score had a relation with severity of ARDS or worsening respiratory failure, whereas decrease in LUS had been used to wean the patient from ventilator.

Saturday 16 January 2021

The 44th WACEM-ACAIM Special Global Weekly e-Summit on COVIPOCUS2021 - Using POCUS in COVID19

16th January 2021

The  Third session of COVIPOCUS2021 was held on 16th January 2021 from 6:30PM-8:30PM (India Time). Delegates from all over the world participated in the conference. The meeting was also attended by 15 international leaders.

Key Note Session


Dr. Ashley Grant from the Florida State University Emergency Medicine Residency Program at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Florida, USA 

Dr. Grant Discussed various presentations of MIS in Children and emphasized the use of POCUS in diagnosing MIS Presentations in Children. She presented phenomenal cases and POCUS images.

Prof. Basar Cander, President of The Emergency Physicians Association of Turkey and The Founder Member of The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine.

Prof. Basar discussed all the initiatives EPAT has taken to escalate POCUS Education and its usage during the COVID Pandemic.

Open House Discussion:

A Very vibrant discussion was held on the usage of POCUS and an important aspect of Linguistic Barriers in POCUS Education. Countries such as Turkey, Japan and a few others have medical education in national languages. It is important to share knowledge on POCUS from these Nations.

Prof.. Tato from India emphasized that to make the usage of POCUS a commonplace we have to standardize the education models and gear them towards target audiences. 

Medical Students and Licensed Medical Doctors need different educational standards and benchmarks. 

This was recognized as a humongous effort and the team embraced this initiative to develop such models.

A discussion was also held on energizing the acceptability of POCUS in Pediatrics. This was a far bigger challenge then we could imagine and many aspects were discussed. 

A special Panel Discussion was also held on the Expanded use of Doppler in Emergency Care. Prof. Shannon from University of Florida Department of Emergency Medicine at Jacksonville and Prof. Munasinghe, WACEM Secretary General (2017) from Sri Lanka actively led the discussions. 


The Virtual QatarHealth2021 Congress focused on Preparedness for FIFA2022 in Qatar will be held from 20th of January. Everyone was invited for the same by WACEM Secretary General (2018) Prof. Hassan Al-Thani. 

Monday 11 January 2021

The 43rd WACEM-ACAIM Special Global Weekly e-Summit on COVIPOCUS2021 - Using POCUS in COVID19

Date:  9th January 2021

The Second session of COVIPOCUS2021 was held on 9th January 2021 from 6:30PM-8:30PM (India Time). Delegates from all over the world participated in the conference. The meeting was also attended by 12 international leaders.

Dr. Sagar Galwankar, Executive Director of WACEM welcomed the delegates and faculty to the E-Conference and gave a brief insight into the expanding role of Point Of Care ultrasound in the Emergency Department.

Keynote Session

The proceedings were moderated By Dr Eran Tal-Or.

Dr. Eran Tal-Or is the Director of Emergency Medicine Department, Poria Medical Cente, Kinneret Area, Israel.

The First speaker was NIH Fogarty Grant Award Winner Dr. Rockefeller Oteng from University of Michigan. Dr Oteng is credited for developing Academic Emergency Medicine in Ghana. He elaborated on how POCUS has helped in diagnosing and monitoring patients with COVID 19 specially in GHANA were facilities like CT scans are scarce.

Dr. John Gullett was the second Speaker of the session. Dr Gullett is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine in UAB, Alabama, USA. Dr John Gullet talked on the extra-pulmonary uses of POCUS in COVID -19. He focused his talk on the usefulness of POCUS in cardiac monitoring of patients with COVID-19 as well as on evaluating volume status in such patients.

Dr. Asheesh Vali, from Tanzania elborated on the Radiologist perspective of lung ultrasonography in COVID-19 patients. He gave a detailed description of various findings on lung Ultrasonography of a patient with COVID-19, and how lung ultrasonography compares with CT in patients with COVID-19.



Dr Prashant Mahajan, Vice Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Michigan, USA

Dr John Gullett, Director of Ultrasound, Department of Emergency Medicine, UAB Family Medicine Centre, Alabama, USA

Dr Asheesh Vali, Senior Radiologist, Hitech Sai Hospital, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Dr Rockfeller Oteng, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Ghana

Dr Christopher Fung, Assistant Professor, Division of Critical Care, Department of Emergency Medicine, Univ of Michigan, USA


Dr Akshay Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India

General Conclusion

The panelists agreed that there is a limited experience of using POCUS in Pediatric patients. Globally in the academic emergency medicine training there is more focus on adult emergency medicine and that needs to change. Need for actual research in pediatric emergency medicine and point of care ultrasound in children rather than simple extrapolation from the adult age group.

Technology & Innovation

Dr. Mahajan emphasized that technology also needs to be harnessed to make ultrasound easy to perform in the pediatric age group for example using the butterfly ultrasound machine or other smaller tablet-based sonography technologies will make it easier for the child patient and the provider.

Research/ Future Directions

Emphasis for research in multisystem inflammatory syndrome of children (MIS-C) commonly identified in children and working to explore the role of POCUS in extrapulmonary conditions and organs like the heart, inferior vena cava for volume assessment and thrombus assessment in proximal and distal veins.

Developing collaborative deidentified baseline repository in pediatric POCUS which will help us identify geographical and regional variations and hence generating big data should give us better understanding of the role of POCUS in identification and management in acutely ill child in COVID and beyond.

Clinical Case Presentation

The Panel Discussion was followed by Research Presentation by Dr P R R Vaishnavi, Junior Resident, Emergency Department, AIIMS, which was followed by QandA.



Saturday 2 January 2021

The 42nd WACEM-ACAIM Special Global Weekly e-Summit Inauguration Ceremony of COVIPOCUS2021 - Using POCUS in COVID19


COVIPOCUS2021 is Being held under the auspices of The WACEM-International Network of Critical UltraSound (INCUS)

The Inauguration Ceremony of COVIPOCUS2021 was held with International Speakers and delegates around the world participating in the illustrious ceremony.

Dr. Tej Prakash Sinha from AIIMS  Was the host for the ceremony. 


Gracing the occasion was the Regional Advisor to The World Health Organization for South East Asia Dr. Nayar.


Dr. Praveen Aggarwal Professor and Head of The All India Institute of Medical Sciences Department of Emergency Medicine welcomed all the faculty and delegates to the January 2021 CPVIPOCUS e-Congress which will be held every Saturday at 630 PM India time. He thanked all the frontline staff for contributing relentlessly to combat COVID19 since the past 9 months.


Dr. Sagar Galwankar Executive Director of The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine delivered his Inaugural Address. Dr. Sagar Emphasized the importance of forwarding effective collaborations between POCUS Researchers across the world so the science of POCUS can be a standard of care. “Standard of Care can only be established if the Standard of Skill is uniform across the world. Innovation in education and evolution of the POCUS machines are the two most fundamentals components to the future of this science " were the profound words of the Leader. 


Professor Bhoi, Head of The AIIMS JPN Apex Trauma Center Emergency Services was the Key Note Speaker for this Session. He presented an extensive Review of all the research published on POCUS and COVID in literature and highlighted thrust areas for scientific discovery in the coming times. He emphasized that research is key to establish the critical use of Sonography in COVID patient care.


International Speakers Dr. Gullet(USA), Dr. Tato (INDIA), Dr. Vali (Tanzaia) and Leaders of The Sri Lanka College of Emergency Physicians Dr. Thushara as well as Dr. Munasinghe Secretary General of WACEM (2017) attended the grand academic event.

Delegates were welcomed for the 2nd Session of COVIPOCUS2021 on 9th January 2021.