Sunday 29 August 2021

76th Saturday Summit: Launch of WACEM Weekly Global e-Grand Rounds


28th August 2021

Launch of the WACEM Weekly Global Grand Rounds:

After 75 Weeks of Non-Stop Meetings of COVID 19 - WACEM created history by launching its Open Access Global e-Grand Rounds.


Micro-briefing in Simulation Education and Tag Team Simulation in Emergency Medicine Education.

Professor Fatimah Lateef (Singapore)
Professor Bradley Peckler (New Zealand)

The Well attended virtual grand rounds saw phenomenal presentations from the speakers. Detail discussion were held by faculty leaders across the world on the process of creating scenarios and executing the learning objectives.

WACEM Leadership participated in informing the global academic community that the GloSIM Section at WACEM will actively work on advancing the science of Simulation in Acute Care Sciences.

Friday 27 August 2021

The 75th Weekly Saturday Summit : The WACEM Big-Data Research Network

21st August 2021

A Open Discussion meeting was held between leaders across the world focusing on setting up a Meta-data Network.

The Following Points were discussed

1. Research Question Development Process

2. Data Acquisition Process

3.Data Analysis Algorithms

4. Analytical Interpretations

6. Production of Graphics

7. Manuscript Preparation

The above points mark the process of Meta-Data Analytics Chain and a pilot was launched to mark the milestones and access the bottlenecks in the process.

The Experts would meet in a few weeks to make progress on the development of this process.

Wednesday 18 August 2021

The 74th Weekly Saturday Summit : WACEM2021 Strategic Meeting

14th August 2021

A Strategic meeting was held to Discuss the Following points as regards the WACEM2021 Summit.

Current Status of COVID in Various Countries was reviewed.

The Challenge towards holding a in person World Congress were reviewed.

The Current Plan to conduct WACEM2021 in Kuala Lumpur was reviewed.

The Success of the WACEM2020 Virtual Format was discussed.

It was decided to announce the WACEM2021 format soon.

The 73rd Global Weekly Saturday Summit : Discusing Trauma Care in Purview of COVID 19.

7th August 2021

A round table meeting was held to discuss the care to patients with Trauma during the COVID Pandemic.

Following patients were recognized as patients with special circumstances

1. Patients with facial Trauma

2. Patients on Anti-Platelet Therapy and Anticoagulants

3. Patients who are addicted to Drugs and Alcohol

4. Patients with Vascular Trauma

5. Patients with Co-Morbidities

An important aspect which was discussed was about Transfusion protocols for patients with Trauma

These are very important aspects which were brought to light in the midst of the COVID Pandemic.

Sunday 1 August 2021

The 72nd Global Weekly Saturday Summit : Conversation and Collaboration with Legends - The WACEM Round Table with Prof. Kazzi



31st July, 2021

    On Saturday, July 31st, leaders representing WACEM, INDUSEM, and EMA India, had the incredible privilege and opportunity of a meeting with Professor Amin Antoine Kazzi. 

    Professor Amin Antoine Kazzi, MD, FAAEM, is the founding emeritus chair of the department of Emergency Medicine, at the American University of Beirut (AUB). He serves as the deputy chief of staff at the AUB Medical center. Dr. Kazzi moved to Beirut in 2006 to establish EM in Lebanon, where he played a leading role in the establishment of an academic department of emergency medicine, the first in the Middle East; and three residency programs across Lebanon. 

    Dr. Kazzi is well known across the world for his leadership role in establishing the exceptional Mediterranean EM Congresses, and for his service in executive and leadership roles in several professional societies, in particular, as President for the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM). He also played a key role as founding Vice Chair for the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of California, Irvine; and as managing editor for the California Journal of Emergency Medicine (which then became the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine). Recently he founded the Mediterranean Journal of Emergency Medicine, which is one of the fastest growing journal in the specialty of Emergency Medicine. 

    Dr. Kazzi has earned a number of key national leadership and recognition awards - the most important being designated as The Master of the Academy of Emergency Medicine (MAAEM), the EuSEM-AAEM Founders Award, and the David Wagner Award for special impact in the specialty. 

    The Amin Kazzi International Emergency Medicine Leadership Award - the most prestigious award of the highest excellence in the USA, is awarded annually by the AAEM as a tribute to this great leader. 

    We were honored to be in conversation with Dr. Kazzi, to discuss the distance we have come as a specialty, the strides made by INDUSEM and EMA in India, and wider scope of WACEM. We all agreed upon the importance of the role of legitimate academic emergency medicine in the betterment of the specialty and ultimately the betterment of patient care in emergency departments across the world. We recognized the need to address the burdens faced by emergency departments everywhere, long before the pandemic struck and those that will continue long after it. We recognized the challenges that earnest and enthusiastic emergency physicians face from the moment the start and throughout their journeys. It is a specialty that does not slow down, let alone stop. INDUSEM has been instrumental, over the last few decades, in establishing the foundation on which we all now continue to build. But we still have more to do, and a long way to go.

    We are delighted, therefore, that Dr. Kazzi has committed to collaborating with the WACEM initiative, and no doubt this collaboration will be as legendary as the man himself.