Saturday 29 August 2020

The 23rd WACEM-ACAIM- Special Global Web Conference on COVID Crisis

The 23rd  in the series of WACEM-ACAIM Joint Group Meeting



The COVID Central Academic Information System:





COVID-19 and governmental response of quarantine has impacted men, women and children across the globe. It is unknown whether the United States experience will be unique.

The volume, demographics and presentations of emergency psychiatric patients have been evolving during the COVID-19 pandemic with initial volumes significantly lower than 2019 levels. Cited concerns include wait times, lack of PPE and risk of COVID-19 infection but levels may rise once local levels of COVID-19 decrease. Associated lockdown/quarantine visit statistics may be different from pre-pandemic stats.

Our psychiatric colleagues have noted an increased utilization of non-ED care options including telehealth for those with established psychiatric issues and care providers with some clinics reporting an almost 100% visit show rate.

We have seen an uptick in those seeking care in the ED with addiction.

We have also seen the number of pediatric psychiatric visits and referrals decrease. However, whether this is drop in peds volume is because the stress on children and adolescents from bullying has been reduced/removed with the closure of schools or whether it is because of the failure of our schools as a safety net to identify and report signs of abuse or psychiatric distress remains unknown at this time.


The SUNY Story of NYC & COVID19

Dr. Bonnie Arquilla, DO, FAIM

SUNY Downstate Medical Center took a large brunt of the COVID19 Pandemic. Data was presented which covered each in every health services aspects of the pandemic and the gaps and challenges faced to counter the huge volume of infected patients.

Lessons learnt were:

     Having a team that you trust is vital

       Senior administration does not have the same goals as Clinicians

Plan and remember it will get worse

Keep track of the wins and losses

The clinical picture changes "it's not just the flu"

Infection control does work but you have to practice it

Plan for deaths 

Have a follow-up clinic organized asap

Spend money on people, not stuff likes tents except PPE!

Make sure everyone has the same mission the specialist must step up and take care of patients


Jefferson-WACEM Sepsis Summit 2020

In September 2020 WACEM along with Jefferson University will host the World Wide Web Summit on Sepsis 2020. It was announced that all WACEM Members could attend the summit and participate as speakers. Dr. David Gaieski is the Leader of this Summit.

25th Week Commendations of Weekly WACEM-ACAIM Summit are on 29th August, 5th September and 12th September 2020


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