Wednesday 29 July 2020

The 19th WACEM-ACAIM- Special Global Web Conference on COVID Crisis

The 19th  in the series of WACEM-ACAIM Joint Group Meeting

The COVID Central Academic Information System:

Key Note Speaker
Dr. Ibrahem
HMC Qatar

ECMO Data:
Dr. Ibrahem presented the HMC Data on ECMO in COBID 19
      Indications for ECMO
Monitoring of ECMO                           
De-Escalation of ECMO

Detail Discussion about Quality Patient Care Improvisation in Qatar took place. These improvisations are the foundation of Quality Benchmark Development in Post COVID Era.

Dr. Manish Garg discussed about the progress of the Telemedicine Systems document.

The VCentral Platform for Global Education and BIG Data was presented.

Plant Based Immunotherapy
The Multi-Center Study Protocol was presented for Plant Based Intervention for COVID Inflammatory Control. The Clinical Trials Team will be invited next week for review.

BioSecurity in COVIFLU
Oxygen Supply Chain and Various Factors related to health Biosecurity were presented we moved ahead in preparing the blue print for the supply chain applications in the new era of COVIFLU.

Triple Cocktail for Early COVID
Dr. Downing discussed mulling of the ECOSANOID Storm by Colchicine, Aspirin and Motelucast.

Chronic COVID
Chronic Inflammation, Fibrosis and Cancer are the potential complications of persistent viral infections. This could be a possibility of COVID Stays on !

Jefferson-WACEM Sepsis Summit 2020
In September 2020 WACEM along with Jefferson University will host the World Wide Web Summit on Sepsis 2020. It was announced that all WACEM Members can attend the summit and participate as speakers. Dr. David Gaieski is the Leader of this Summit. 

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