Sunday 12 August 2018

Self-Study Path for MD/DNB PG Residents in Emergency Medicine in India

Path to Success Lies with the one who succeeds

After nearly a decade in Academics and the struggle to standardize Emergency Medicine Post Graduate Training in India I have come to realize that the only way  Residents in MD/DNB can succeed is Standardize Themselves to a Discipline which will build their knowledge and skills.

I am laying out a Plan which the residents can follow to help them achieve their goals.

Studying Hard is key and following the plan is vital.
It is similar to a weight loss plan and I call it Ignorance Loss Plan in EM…

Ground Rules:

Residents have a 1000 days to learn, commit mistakes and correct them.

Using every day , every moment is key.

Residents don’t need a Degree to Learn and should not think that they can learn after MD/DNB because that takes away few years from the life of performance.


PGY 1:

Finish ATLS ACLS PALS AUTLS within the first three months of starting. It’s crucial because having Resuscitation mastered is key to building on knowledge.

Start Read 10 pages a day of Tintinalli RELIGIOUSLY and that’s easy.

ACEE-INDIA has set up monthly tests which will guide Residents in knowing whether they are reading the correct clinical perspectives.

Finishing the tests in year one will help you build a thinking capacity to build your deeper knowledge on.

This is a Tested model since last 10 years and many have used and benefited from it including many residents who took it up during their training.

Try to find an Ophthalmologist who can train you on how to use a Slit lamp and also do Fluorescein Testing and use the Tonometer.

Try to do some Pelvic Exams with OB/GYN Experts so you know what to look for.
Try and Learn Suturing and also ENT Exam from ENT Colleagues. Everyday Cases are done in Operating Room.

Go at 6 am and Intubate with an anesthetist.

See all Procedural YouTube Videos.

Master Clinical Exam in Cunningham’s (Medicine); Love&Baily (Sx); Dutta (OB) and Nelson (Peads): Mastering The clinical Exam is key.



Repeat the 10 pages a day cycle and start reading Journals

Start Mastering EKG-Suturing-Splinting

Start work on a Publishable Research Project


 Repeat the 10 pages a day cycle and continue reading Journals

Go on to read FOAMED and data on websites because by this time you have read the book twice and seen tons of cases to be able to master to the subject.

Start Preparing for Exams

Complete the Thesis.

Attending The National Emergency Medicine Board Review of India Course. NEMBRIC held at National Board of Examinations / New Delhi every year.

Attend the EXAMATHALON which is held in Kerala every year in First half of the year which helps you using Mock Examination patterns for training.


Disclaimer: Many Residents are forced to attend Conferences. Remember You don't go to a conference to gain Resident Level Knowledge...That's done in your PG Training.

Be smart and Know who is speaking on the stage ... Realize whether that person who claims to be an Expert Specialist is really qualified to speak...Time is crucial don't waste it and gain knowledge from someone who is not qualified.

I have laid out a Conference which is called EMINDIA held every July and focusses on a Model where Patient Cases are Presented by Residents and Faculty and both equally discuss and debate patient care. Its a Case Based Learning Conference :

The Conference Model is ACADEMIC MODEL with low Registration fee and totally disregards the Cut Paste Lecture Format and 5 Star Conferencing Tourism Registration Model which is being practiced.

Below are few papers which will help the residents:

Pediatric Fever:

Chest Pain:

Developing a Department of Academic EM:


I want you all to realize that I want you all to succeed. I am a hard core academician and respect and worship The Goddess of Knowledge. I believe that this is the knowledge which brings food to my table and this is the knowledge which gives power to practice patient care.

I take this education seriously and plead that you do so too.

Remember the fact that Emergency Medicine in India is One HOD Model and not like the west where many consultants work. This job market has shrunken with fake Degree Manufacturing process set up.

The Consultants from other department will respect you when you have the knowledge and participate in discussions as an equal.

They have to respect you not as a CMO but as a Specialist.

We will have to work hard on creating jobs, meanwhile you the NEET Selected MCI Recognized MD/NBE Legitimate Residents have to work hard to accomplish the goals.

Passing Exams is just one step , having the knowledge and skills is step two and become a good specialist is the last never ending step.

I wish you the best and you can contact me at anytime.

God Bless You All
Sagar Galwankar

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