Sunday 17 October 2021

83rd Saturday Summit: WACEM Weekly Global e-Grand Rounds - Point of Care Ultrasound in EM ~ The Water Bath Technique

 16th October 2021

Water Bath Technique for Extremity Injuries 


Professor Sanjeev Bhoi from AIIMS New Delhi.

The Water Bath Technique

Fill a Tub with Luke warm water. Place the patient extremity either foot or hand in the tub totally submerged. 

You can then take a Linear Probe with a Frequency of 7-10 MHz.

Run the probe along the surface of the water covering the part to be scanned adjusting the Sonography machine for depth as water will add to the interface and act as a contrast medium.

The Long Axis views get a better image of tendons, skin and bone while the transverse view helps evaluate multiple areas.

Water Contrast increases the diagnostic quality. 

This technique can diagnose: Fractures, Infection. Foreign Bodies and Tendon Tears. 

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