Sunday 17 October 2021

82nd Saturday Summit: WACEM Weekly Global e-Grand Rounds - Evidence Based Medicine


9th October 2021

 Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio as predictor of outcome following traumatic brain injury Systematic review and Meta-analysis 


Speaker: Dr. Rakesh Mishra Assistant Professor Neurosurgery research and education at the Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University. 


Moderator: Dr Amit Agrawal on behalf of Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio Research Group


Evidence-based medicine has revolutionized the decision-making process in different specialties of medicine. Systematic review and meta-analysis have been the
most important research tool for evidence synthesis and identifying the quality of evidence. Systematic review is an arduous task with iterative steps and requires extensive cooperative team work. In the talk the essential concepts, steps, philosophy and necessity of systematic review and meta-analysis was discussed using NLR in TBI as the model.


At the end of the session:


- Understand the concepts of systematic review and meta-analysis.


- Using NLR model the process of systematic review and meta-analysis was discussed into and all the individuals’ steps were deliberated upon. 


- Discuss on several research questions of importance to health care and emergency medicine and find the right approach for the evidence synthesis.


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