Monday 20 September 2021

79th Saturday Summit: WACEM Weekly Global e-Grand Rounds on Situational Awarness in Crisis Situations

18th September 2021

The WACEM Grand Round was delivered by Professor Bonnie Arquilla from New York.

The Content Focused on a case scenario which brought to light perspectives of leaders from across the world.

It was very clear that many countries have a phenomenal preparedness plans which can be a benchmarks for others nations to follow.

Dr. Lateef (Singapore) emphasized that it is crucial that plans be optimized and followed and Dr. Michaelson (Israel) added that developing a plan and following it was extremely crucial in mass casualty situations.

Different leaders cited their opinions about importance of decision making when plans are exhausted and resources decline and physician burn out happens.

Plan for a Plan is key to contingency management and developing scenarios with options is key component of preparedness.

Without a plan failure is guaranteed and emotional decisions are never planned and are rarely agreeable as a standard.  


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