Monday 26 April 2021

58th Weekly Summit with ACAIM-WACEM : Dedicated to War with Variants of COVID in 2021

24th April 2022

The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine and The American College of Academic International Medicine had a Special Global Meeting dedicated to the resurgence of COVID Variants in 2021.

As countries such as Indian grapple with the resurgence of COVID infections, it was apt time to address few important aspects of the Pandemic.

1. COVID Pandemic will now be a Cyclical Endemic 
2. COVID Prevention with revolve around Human Behavior and Vaccine Acceptability
3. Physician Competencies and Health Care Processes will need to be restructured around this new norm
4. Vaccine Boosters and Chronic COVID manifestations will happen.
5. The rising reality of Pediatric COVID has to be addressed.


Prof. Venkat (IIM Lucknow) : Spoke on the Restructuring of Oxygen Supply chain across India

Prof. Siddharth Dubhashi (AIIMS Nagpur): Presented update on the Plant Based Study for COVID Care

Dr. Indrani Sardesai (UK): Presented the UK COVID Data 

Dr. Sagar Sinha (India): Discussed the current COVID Situation in Mumbai and the various strategies being adopted to curb the surge.

Dr. Veronica Sikka (USA): Discussed about the update on the TeleHealth Consensus paper which is being worked on. 


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