Saturday 17 April 2021

57th Weekly Summit with WHO-CCET : Dedicated to Developing Academic Emergency Medicine in India Session -IV

 17th April 2021

70 Colleges participated in The 56th Week weekly Summits Dedicated to implementing the NITIAyog India mandate to developing Academic Emergency Medicine departments across medical colleges in India.

Professor Sanjeev Bhoi

Director of the World Health Organization Center for Emergency and Trauma in SEARO

Professor Siddharth Dubhashi

Head of Surgical Disciplines AIIMS Nagpur

Dr. Sagar Galwankar


Dr. Tej Sinha 

Associate Professor of AIIMS, EM New Delhi

Update on the Status of the 0f Compliance with the mandate was given to the new colleges being inducted

Detail discussion was done on

1. Faculty Development Program: With progress made in individual components of curriculum

2. Departmental Guidelines were mentioned in further detail with focus on resuscitation

3. Academic Processes with regards to syllabus

4. Implementation of the Mandate with FDP aimed for June 1st 2021


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