Saturday 2 January 2021

The 42nd WACEM-ACAIM Special Global Weekly e-Summit Inauguration Ceremony of COVIPOCUS2021 - Using POCUS in COVID19


COVIPOCUS2021 is Being held under the auspices of The WACEM-International Network of Critical UltraSound (INCUS)

The Inauguration Ceremony of COVIPOCUS2021 was held with International Speakers and delegates around the world participating in the illustrious ceremony.

Dr. Tej Prakash Sinha from AIIMS  Was the host for the ceremony. 


Gracing the occasion was the Regional Advisor to The World Health Organization for South East Asia Dr. Nayar.


Dr. Praveen Aggarwal Professor and Head of The All India Institute of Medical Sciences Department of Emergency Medicine welcomed all the faculty and delegates to the January 2021 CPVIPOCUS e-Congress which will be held every Saturday at 630 PM India time. He thanked all the frontline staff for contributing relentlessly to combat COVID19 since the past 9 months.


Dr. Sagar Galwankar Executive Director of The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine delivered his Inaugural Address. Dr. Sagar Emphasized the importance of forwarding effective collaborations between POCUS Researchers across the world so the science of POCUS can be a standard of care. “Standard of Care can only be established if the Standard of Skill is uniform across the world. Innovation in education and evolution of the POCUS machines are the two most fundamentals components to the future of this science " were the profound words of the Leader. 


Professor Bhoi, Head of The AIIMS JPN Apex Trauma Center Emergency Services was the Key Note Speaker for this Session. He presented an extensive Review of all the research published on POCUS and COVID in literature and highlighted thrust areas for scientific discovery in the coming times. He emphasized that research is key to establish the critical use of Sonography in COVID patient care.


International Speakers Dr. Gullet(USA), Dr. Tato (INDIA), Dr. Vali (Tanzaia) and Leaders of The Sri Lanka College of Emergency Physicians Dr. Thushara as well as Dr. Munasinghe Secretary General of WACEM (2017) attended the grand academic event.

Delegates were welcomed for the 2nd Session of COVIPOCUS2021 on 9th January 2021.

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