Saturday 16 January 2021

The 44th WACEM-ACAIM Special Global Weekly e-Summit on COVIPOCUS2021 - Using POCUS in COVID19

16th January 2021

The  Third session of COVIPOCUS2021 was held on 16th January 2021 from 6:30PM-8:30PM (India Time). Delegates from all over the world participated in the conference. The meeting was also attended by 15 international leaders.

Key Note Session


Dr. Ashley Grant from the Florida State University Emergency Medicine Residency Program at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Florida, USA 

Dr. Grant Discussed various presentations of MIS in Children and emphasized the use of POCUS in diagnosing MIS Presentations in Children. She presented phenomenal cases and POCUS images.

Prof. Basar Cander, President of The Emergency Physicians Association of Turkey and The Founder Member of The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine.

Prof. Basar discussed all the initiatives EPAT has taken to escalate POCUS Education and its usage during the COVID Pandemic.

Open House Discussion:

A Very vibrant discussion was held on the usage of POCUS and an important aspect of Linguistic Barriers in POCUS Education. Countries such as Turkey, Japan and a few others have medical education in national languages. It is important to share knowledge on POCUS from these Nations.

Prof.. Tato from India emphasized that to make the usage of POCUS a commonplace we have to standardize the education models and gear them towards target audiences. 

Medical Students and Licensed Medical Doctors need different educational standards and benchmarks. 

This was recognized as a humongous effort and the team embraced this initiative to develop such models.

A discussion was also held on energizing the acceptability of POCUS in Pediatrics. This was a far bigger challenge then we could imagine and many aspects were discussed. 

A special Panel Discussion was also held on the Expanded use of Doppler in Emergency Care. Prof. Shannon from University of Florida Department of Emergency Medicine at Jacksonville and Prof. Munasinghe, WACEM Secretary General (2017) from Sri Lanka actively led the discussions. 


The Virtual QatarHealth2021 Congress focused on Preparedness for FIFA2022 in Qatar will be held from 20th of January. Everyone was invited for the same by WACEM Secretary General (2018) Prof. Hassan Al-Thani. 

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