Sunday 27 December 2020

2020 Hindsight: The 41st WACEM-ACAIM Special Global Weekly e-Summit Closing Ceremony of e-EMINDIA2020 on COVID-19 in India


Saturday (26.12.2020) marked the 41st consecutive week of ACAIM-WACEM meetings, with the last 12 weeks enjoying academics at its finest with faculty and student presentations for the e-EMIndia2020. Dr. Vimal Krishnan, Principal Secretary of EMA India, hosted the session with his usual wit, charm and leadership. Dr. Sagar Galwankar recapped the history of INDUSEM, ACEE, WACEM, ACAIM, and the EMA, reminding us of that the current crop of emergency medicine was borne off the foundations laid by stalwarts at a time when there was much resistance to the specialty and much work to be done. 
Many others were part of the conversations this week, all focused towards further improvements in academics and education, research and development, raising the flag of emergency medicine even higher. 

After a certificate presentation ceremony, recognizing the efforts and contributions of various EMA members, the annual general meeting addressed its agenda for the day. The overwhelming vote was for the sitting committee to continue in their roles, with a few zonal changes adding newer members to the ranks. This week marked the end of the EMA agenda, however, not the end of the Saturday meetings. From 2021, the Saturday meetings will transition into the latest in point of care ultrasound in emergency medicine. Stick around for more innovation and academics.

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