Wednesday 1 July 2020

The 15th WACEM-ACAIM- Special Global Web Conference on “COVIFLU Probabilities”

The 15th  Weekly Summit in the series of WACEM-ACAIM Joint Group Meeting

27th June 2020

The COVID Central Academic Information System:

Global Data:
The Mumbai Numbers continue to surge as well the Florida and Texas Numbers in USA.

Clinical Studies:
Vaccine Studies at various levels still in progress
Stem Cell Studies look promising
Anti-Viral Options are limited.
Ventilator Sparing Protocols by the group are effective.

Detail, Discussion was held on formatting the TeleMedicine Science Section around the 4 Pillars. Discussion around how the framework would be unveiled was the epicenter of this meeting.

BlindSpots in COVID Care
Discussion was done on various BlindSpots in caring for COVID Patients and Combating the Pandemic at a Public Health Level. These will be applicable as COVIFLU becomes a reality.

Plant Based Immunotherapy (PBI)
Discussion was held on developing the PBI sector with a multi-center effort. Various Candidates were reviewed during the discussion.

BioSecurity in COVIFLU
Various Factors related to health Biosecurity were studied as we moved ahead in preparing the blue print for the supply chain applications in the new era of COVIFLU.

100 Days of WACEM-ACAIM Summit on 4th July 2020

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