Tuesday 23 June 2020

The 14th WACEM-ACAIM- INDUSEM-ACEE-EMA and Kerala Special Global Web Conference on “COVID Clinical Training on Silent Hypoxia, Ventilator Sparing Protocols & Home Oxygen Monitoring”.

The 14th  in the series of WACEM-ACAIM Joint Group Meeting

Chief Patron:
Smt. K. K. Shailaja Teacher
Minister for Health, Social Justice and Woman and Child Development
Government of Kerala

Training Initiative Chairs
Dr. Sagar Galwankar (USA)
Dr. Sanjeev Bhoi (AIIMS,  New Delhi)

Lead Trainers:
Dr. Stan Stawicki (USA)
Dr. Indrani Sardesai (UK)
Dr. Sagar Sinha (India)

The COVID Central Academic Information System:

The WACEM- ACAIM Group continued the Training program for all Frontline Emergency Physicians and Critical Care Physicians in the State of Kerala India on the important clinical process called “Ventilator Sparing Protocols”

The Expert Academicians at The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine (WACEM), The American College of Academic International Medicine (ACAIM), The Emergency Medicine Association (EMA-India) and The Academic College of Emergency Experts (ACEE-INDIA) have developed protocols, which augment effective utilization of ventilators for specifically indicated patients with specific parameters for escalating Oxygen and Ventilation Therapy in COVID19. 

Ventilators Demand has risen immensely in the COVID Pandemic. The protocols can result in Ventilator sparing and utilization of ventilators for the patients who really need them and in turn benefit from them. These protocols were presented by Experts.

Sub-clinical Hypoxia a.k.a 'Silent Hypoxia" and Home Oxygen Monitoring protocols were also discussed.

The Training was provided to selected Emergency Medicine Leaders and Critical Care Leaders from Institutions taking part in the Government of Kerala- COVID Patient Care Response.

The leaders are now empowered to implement these protocols across Kerala.

This training initiative was held in partnership with The World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Emergency and Trauma at AIIMS New Delhi and The Government of Kerala Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 

The INDUSEM Mission, The Emergency Medicine Association and The Academic College of Emergency Experts were the key Partner Organizations for this program.

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