Sunday 17 May 2020

The 9th WACEM-ACAIM Joint Special Global Web Conference on Advance therapeutics in COVID19: Opinions from Experts around the World.

The 9th in the series of WACEM-ACAIM Joint Group Meeting was packed with presentations of important work being done by the group. Our continued gratitude to all presenters and panelists.

COVID19 ~Multi-System Dysfunction Syndrome also called Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children & Adolescents

We have in detail discussed that COVID is an Immunological Syndrome like HIV and our thought process was further validated by The World Health Organization.

We further profess that there is a strong possibility that COVID will be a chronic immunological disease which will need immunological and anti-viral intervention in combinations rather than individually.

Personalized COVID Therapy Options will need to be devised as COVID generates a personalized reaction in every patient.

The Term “Multi-System Dysfunction” was a term, which was apt for COVID and the personalized response it generates in humans at different ages.

Immunotherapeutic Anti-Virals

COVID and Flu are going to have a devastating effect on population. The synergistic antigenicity will be highlighted by the heightened immune response both by the direct and indirect pathway. IL6 will play a major role and will emerge as a target for therapy.

Immunotherapy Options will need to be addressed aggressively as we near the Flu Season. A detail discussion was held on the role of plasma therapy as well early cell therapy in acute viral diseases with multi-organ failure and shock.


The role of cardiothoracic surgeons supersedes intensivist in the provision of ECMO in COVID. Discussion as regards induction and phase out criteria for ECMO was done.

Supply Chains BioSecurity

Presentations were done on Biosecurity of Medical and Survival supply chains.
It was deducted that a clear focus was to be laid on creating benchmarks to evaluate the security standards of all medical and survival supplies as a part of healthcare and public health.

POC Biomarkers in COVIFLU

Aggressive use of Point of Care Testing was found to be crucial for COVID patient care. Troponin, BNP, ABG and Bedside Chem 8 and lactates were found to not only decrease time but also fasten effective care. New Emerging biomarkers were discussed in detail including immunological markers.

Oxygen Therapeutics

The Group had a detail discussion on the collective wisdom being applied in developing diagnostic, therapeutic as well as home monitoring benchmarks in Oxygenation Therapy.

Our COVID Publications:

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