Wednesday 13 May 2020

The 8th WACEM-ACAIM Joint Special Global Web Conference on Advance therapeutics in COVID19: Opinions from Experts around the World.

The 8th in the series of WACEM-ACAIM Joint Group Meeting was packed with presentations of important work being done by the group. Focus on Immunotherapy and discussion of upcoming publications was the highlight of the meeting.

Our continued gratitude to all presenters and panelists.

Pediatric COVID

A lot of discussion was done about the cases of Pediatric COVID. Immunological syndrome simulating Kawasaki disease / vasculitis is being seen in children. It was emphasized that different strains of COVID19 are in circulation and every strain reacts differently in every human being. Response to a foreign organism is always “Personalized”. Hence, therapies need to be personalized.

The Term “Multi-System Dysfunction” was a term, which was apt for COVID and the personalized response it generates in humans at different ages.

Immunotherapy in COVIFLU

The group discussed in detail about human body response when COVID pandemic mixes with the annual FLU outbreaks. The immunological pathway found a common ground on generating an IL6 Response. Monitoring IL6 levels and blocking them relative to the existing levels rather than a 100% blockade could be a possibility. This will need to be looked at carefully.

Additionally aggressive treatment of Flu will be important, as neutralizing the virus is key.

Herd Immunity V/S Herd Infectivity

The group discussed the theory of “Herd Infectivity” which is the complete opposite of Herd Immunity. The spread of Herd Immunity is rapid and effective and from the data at hand, it is very clear that COVID has a “Herd Infectivity” pathway.

Density of people, viral volume of exposure, time / length of exposure are all profound factors in the spread of COVID.


The group will be soon publishing a Primer on COVID19, The Hypoxia Assessment Pathway, Oxygen and Ventilation Algorithm for COVID Respiratory Distress as well as Home Oxygen Monitoring Guidelines.

Transition to “TeleMedicine Culture” from “Crisis TeleMedicine”

The group confirmed the Four Pillars of TeleMedicine Sciences:
1. Recording of Audio Visual Data as Health Record
2. Reimbursements and Accountability
3. Telemedicine Metrics / Analytics / Reforms
4. Patient Safety & Confidentiality

A working group was created to lead the 4 Pillars.

BioEconomics and BioSecure Supply Chains

Tremendous Discussion was done about the New World of BioSecurity in terms of Food Water and Health Supplies. Stockpiles and Delivery to end users will need more security and testing. Cues from the Cold Chain for Vaccines will serve as a starting point to work on BioSecurity. A new era of BioEconomics are been thrust upon us and we have to work on improvising to respond to the same.

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