Sunday 24 May 2020

The 10th WACEM-ACAIM Joint Special Global Web Conference on “Living with COVIFLU”.

The 10th  in the series of WACEM-ACAIM Joint Group Meeting was packed with presentations of important work being done by the group. Our continued gratitude to all presenters and panelists.

The leaders Celebrated 10 weeks of Academic Leadership across the World with our Web Conference crossing record registrations from all around the world.

Immunotherapeutic Combinations   

COVIFLU immunology was discussed with Therapeutic targets encompassing anti-viral and immune antibodies. The upcoming Publication was discussed in Detail.

A working Group was created to work on building the science of TeleMedicine.
The group discussed the Four Pillars of TeleMedicine Sciences:
1. Recording of Audio Visual Data as Health Record
2. Reimbursements and Accountability
3. Telemedicine Metrics / Analytics / Reforms
4. Patient Safety & Confidentiality

Kerala COVID Control Model
A detail discussion was held on the success of the Kerala Model.
Contact Tracing, Transformational Leadership and a Strict Chain of Command with open communication with the citizens were found to be major success behind the COVID Control.
Detail discussion was held on each of the above aspects.

Agenda for Next Meeting
·       Education Framework
·       Translational Research Framework
·       TeleMedicine Systems Framework

Our COVID Publications:

Chauhan V, Galwankar SC, Yellapu V, Perez-Figueroa IJ, Stawicki SP. State of the globe: The trials and tribulations of the COVID-19 pandemic: Separated but together, telemedicine revolution, frontline struggle against “Silent Hypoxia,” the relentless search for novel therapeutics and vaccines, and the daunting prospect of “COVIFLU”. J Global Infect Dis 2020;12:39-43

Thakur S, Chauhan V, Galwankar S, Kelkar D, Vedhagiri K, Aggarwal P, Bhoi S. Covid-19 testing strategy of India – Current status and the way forward. J Global Infect Dis 2020;12:44-6

Stawicki SP, Jeanmonod R, Miller AC, Paladino L, Gaieski DF, Yaffee AQ, De Wulf A, Grover J, Papadimos TJ, Bloem C, Galwankar SC, Chauhan V, Firstenberg MS, Di Somma S, Jeanmonod D, Garg SM, Tucci V, Anderson HL, Fatimah L, Worlton TJ, Dubhashi SP, Glaze KS, Sinha S, Opara IN, Yellapu V, Kelkar D, El-Menyar A, Krishnan V, Venkataramanaiah S, Leyfman Y, Saoud Al Thani HA, B Nanayakkara PW, Nanda S, Cioè-Peña E, Sardesai I, Chandra S, Munasinghe A, Dutta V, Dal Ponte ST, Izurieta R, Asensio JA, Garg M. The 2019–2020 novel coronavirus (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) pandemic: A joint american college of academic international medicine-world academic council of emergency medicine multidisciplinary COVID-19 working group consensus paper. J Global Infect Dis 2020;12:47-93

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