Wednesday 2 November 2016

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Physicians

From The Desk Of ~ Sagar Galwankar, MD

As I read the media there is never a time that I don't get aware that some group is buying some group or merging with some group.

Merging and Acquiring hold the same meaning : It means Reorganization of Resources and Finances for Better Performance and Stronger Position in the Competitive Landscape.

Each of the above words narrows down to only one thing - SROI - Strategic Returns on Integration- Which is a nicer acronym for Financial Growth.

Financial Growth for the harvesters and the investors who steer these initiatives.

The real question is : Where does it leave US (the emergency physicians) and what is our future in US (the United States)

In this aggressively reorganizing industry called EMERGENCY HEALTHCARE , I see ourselves being repositioned to be skilled laborers. We the laborers have a highly competitive growing segment  called the  Mid Level Workforce.

EM is going through a phenomenon called LEAP FROG.

The IT industry evolved from large computers to a stage of internet in phones. It evolved and expanded.

We in EM are now straight away a part of this technology driven Industrialization without going through phases of evolution. We have become a small part of the the capitalistic revolution.

We have leaped the cycle of Evolution in this capitalistic revolution, I just hope like the cycle of life evolution , we don't face extinction.

 Care and Cost Balancing is driving the industry productivity. 

Customer- client satisfaction is a metric for stability.

We as a speciality have to evolve with this leap and be aggressive to change, we should think and act to stabilize our present and sustain our future.

The specialty we love needs to live on and live in itself.

The time is now and Optimism is the first phase of evolution.

Fear to not sustain is the key to effectively sustenance.

Creating and Encouraging Thinkers and Innovators to come up with solutions coupled with implementation of strategies nationally are steps which can change things for a better future.

Rethinking Leadership and transforming Education And Innovation for a progressive tomorrow which is in sync with  the changing landscape is the need of the hour.

Change is inevitable & we are all able, let's work to make it stable !

Just thought , hence shared !


  1. Dr. V. P. Chandrasekaran15 November 2016 at 02:12

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  2. So i hav this question. We all know that DNB has officially appointed non recognized "FRAUDS" as DNB faculty. So does that mean DNB itself is supporting and carrying out fraudster activities? Again, if a DNB candidate is been trained by a "FRAUD", will it make that candidate a fraud too after the end of three years?