Saturday 8 October 2016

Good Karma is a Great Investment !

Yesterday I ended working the Hurricane Shifts. 

Patients came to  the ED With clean cut non emergent complaints.

I was a little taken aback until one of them after giving a long list of complaints 
softly said - " I am afraid of the dark"

That left me thinking - the ED is definitely not a happy place to be, the ED is 
not where I would wish for anyone to be , 
it's only when someone feels that they have no one or they 
will find someone who will care for them that they turn to ED.

Patients genuinely believe they have a problem and they come to us, 
and they confidently know that we will care for them and
WILL SEE THEM whatever their complaints are.

Regulations, Legal Threats and Metrics may be ruling us but over and above all these 
challenges ..... it's is the faith of these patients which keeps our specialty going.

I also get worried when I see patients seek pain medications and they come 
for non emergent complaints .... but thinking further ... 
who created that sense of security for them ..... 
the system did and we as a physician specialty did it ! 

It is challenging that we have to face so much 
pressures in terms of patients per hour etc and still balance satisfaction scores .....
 I will say that perform and be calm in stress is not easy.

There is no one solution for what we are going through , 
but definitely there is one solution .....
 let's start thinking that we are the only ones who 
can help those who need our help and we have 
only a certain number of Of hours in which we can make a difference.

To be on the other side of the bed is not easy ..... 
when you make it easy for someone .... it does make a difference.

Good Karma is a great investment.

On another note .... 
our soldiers defend our nation and freedom no matter what it takes ...
 they are at the front lines of defense .....
we are the front lines of Health Security for our citizens 24x7 .

Our patients take it for granted that we will care for them and the EM system is solid ...
 that's a good thing !

Just Thought .... should share !

Stay Blessed ! 

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