Wednesday 21 July 2021

70th WACEM-ACAIM Weekly Summit on the Contemporary issues in Academic Medicine during the COVID Pandemic

 17th July 2021

A Global team of Experts met to discuss the progress made by WACEM and ACAIM on the Following issues

1. Telemedicine Sciences

2. Emergency Preparedness Systems 

3. Framework for the WACEM Initiatives Namely :
    A. Simulation
    B. Point of Care Ultrasound

    C. Data-Analytics 
     E. Mass Casualty Preparedness

4. Discussion was also continued on the last week discussion points about creating the Virtual education platform and COMMUNICATION was found to be the dominant aspect of the discussion. The team decided to focus on processes which emphasize communications and knowledge exchange. 

5. Discussion was also done on Remote Medical Systems which encompass an exposure to Remote Medicine. A task team was created which will deliver its First Report in the next few weeks.

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