Tuesday 6 July 2021

67th WACEM-ACAIM Weekly Summit on the Pediatric Preparedness Framework for the COVID19 Pandemic in India

 26th June 2021

The 67th Weekly Summit Focused on giving the final touches to the Pediatric Preparedness Framework for COVID19 pandemic impacts in India 

Clinical Management was delineated to be specifically managed by Clinical Pediatricians. The same had to be done as per the national as well as professional society guidelines in India. 

Resources Preparedness and Process Preparedness was the key. 

The Following were finalized:

Process for triage, transfer and treatment at primary care and secondary care level.

Weight based algorithms for treatment were recommended.

Resource checklists were finalized as well as supply chain logistics. 

Stock-Pile management was an important part of supply and demand during a surge in the pandemic. 

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