Sunday 22 March 2020

The WACEM Compilation of Open Access Resources for COVID-19 (Updated 28th March 2020)

Compilation of Open Access Resources for COVID-19

(With gratitude to all contributors for sharing your wisdom, resources, experiences and ideas)
The disease is new, thus the knowledge evolving and dynamic.

I'll be updating the list as time permits.

1) Website: OnepagerICU: by

2) Website: Propofology: UK-based FOAMed; (twitter user Gas_Craic)

3) Society of Critical Care Medicine…/Surviving-Sepsis-Campaign-Guidelines-on-…… Guidelines for management of the acutely unwell with COVID-19

4) Blog: New to ITU by (twitter user SamIAm_UK)
ICU basics for to ICU.

Guide to Chest CT in COVID-19 (twitter profile PulmCCM)

CDC's Infection Control Guidance

7) Website: CDC posters on how to don/doff PPE:

8) Summary thread of SCCM guidelines by twitter user @virenkaul (New York based Pulmonologist/ICM doctor)

9) Simulations resource and experience sharing by twitter user @cliffreid (Sydney based EM/ICM/PHEM doctor)

10) Nitrates in acute pulmonary edema secondary to LVF by @cliffreid (Sydney based EM/ICM/PHEM doctor)
11) Influenza vs. COVID19 infographic by @CPSolvers

12) Airway Pressure Release Ventilation by @eddyjoemd (Intensivist, unsure where) *also has resource rich Instragram account

13) Optimizing ventilator capacity by @SJH_EM (Detroit based EM)

+ Published journal article: 
Increasing Ventilator capacity By Lorenzo Paladino et. al 

14) Innovation: Plexiglass barrier, by twitter user @alison4WI…

15) Experience: From Madrid, by twitter user @mgalandejuana

16) Innovation: 3D printed ventilator, by twitter user @sonalasthana

17) Experience: Document shared by Italian College of Anaesthesia/Analgesia/Resuscitation/Intensive Care, by twitter user @Yascha_Mounk

18) Indo-Pacific Management guidelines by Australasian College of Emergency Medicine:…/Managing-COVID-19-across-the-Indo-Pac… 

19) COVID-19 and Children, Website: Don't Forget The Bubbles:…/Managing-COVID-19-across-the-Indo-Pac…

20) Experience/Innovation: Extubation in COVID-19 by twitter user @StephenLap

21) Journal: Treatment of severed ARDS, in The Lancet:…/PIIS2213-2600(20)30127…/fulltext

22) Website: COVID-19 prevention, REBELEM (laid out neatly!)

23) Twitter: Mask Basics (From REBELEM) by twitter user: @ srrezaie

24) Mass General Hospital guidelines for management of COVID-19 shared by twitter user @HarvardPulm

24) Important Reminder re: caution in using Chloroquine shared by twitter user @CMichaelGibson 25) NEJM Paper: SARS – COV – 2 Infection in Children
26) REBEL EM’s Airway Management (with further resources scouted within)
27) FOAMcast’s COVID Timeline: 28) NHS COVID-19 Admission Guidance 29) NebraskaMed N95 decontamination process:
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--- Updated: 28/3/20 ---

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