Saturday 21 March 2020

The WACEM Inaugural Special Global Web Conference on “The Emergency Physicians Response to COVID19 across the World”

21st March 2020

The WACEM Special Global Web Conference on
“The Emergency Physicians Response to COVID19 across the World”

Eminent Academic Experts from USA, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Qatar, India and many other places participated in this specially convened Web Conference.  

The Key Take Home Points:

The Patient Care Paradigm will be the most defining as number of patients mount up.

Non-COVID19 sick patients and health care providers need protection ASAP.

Viral Load and virulence is variable across patient population. Greater the co-morbidity greater the severity even though there are healthy sick patients.

Few of the leaders on the Conference are infected and have signs of severe weakness, Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting and extreme myalgia and fatigue. They are healthy!

“SILENT HYPOXIA” needs to be recognized. Patients look fatigued and are low temp but are Hypoxic.

Hospitals need to consider being locked down. Exit Doors open to EXIT ONLY, no visitors, and one point entry outside the hospital in a separate tent where fully gowned personnel check vitals temperature and recognize high-risk patients for further testing in a special area in isolation.

Airborne and Droplet precautions are important.

Health Providers need PPE and that demand will rise and is paramount.

Hospitals Need for Ventilators and Critical Care beds will rise.

Qatar Model of Erecting Field Hospitals, Quarantining in Hotels and ramping up of critical Care beds was applauded.

Telemedicine to care for the STABLE SICK is recommended.

Antimalarial Chloroquine, Antibiotic Azithromycin and Anti-Viral Remesdivir are all being recommended but we still need outcomes data. THEY ARE NOT FOR PROPHYLAXIS.

POCUS Lung Ultrasound, HsTrop and D Dimer can be used to predict mortality.

Provider Safety and in-patient safety and surge management are all key.

Sharing of all protocols for Triage, Isolation, Discharge, Admission, NIV, Ventilation, and Resuscitation is needed.

Be Safe and God Bless Everyone !

Get well Soon Leaders !

Next Update very soon !

The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine

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