Wednesday 28 January 2015

INDO-US Relations fortify the spirit of INDUSWORLD : "Integrated Network for Developing United Solutions for the WORLD"

From the Desk Of
Sagar Galwankar, MD

President Obama has departed to USA after a fruitful visit to the worlds largest democratic free nation of India.

The visit which many consider as "just symbolic" in my view was the most important development for INDO-US Relations in this century.

The presence of the Leader of the Free World at India's Military and Cultural Parade indicates the importance given to building international security to foster peace.

The meeting with the Business Leaders across the two nations aiming to facilitate a expedited process to enhance trade and cross continental business indicates the bilateral commitment to envision and establish sustainable interdependence, investor confidence and growth.

The address by President Obama to the students of India sent a strong message to the Youth of India about the opportunities for Education in India as well as USA.

The joint radio address to the nation by President Obama and Prime Minister Modi signifies "A FIRST" in the books of history. It was a casual chat where both leaders spoke their hearts out.

The mere friendship between the two leaders was very palpable and positively visible. It was not practiced and not planned....It was all natural !

It signifies a firm resolve of the leaders and the administration to build a new world.

India has always been a Country which advocates and practices peace. Since time and again its not known that India invaded any nation. Infact India was always invaded.

Our Population, Its Diversity, Its complexities poses enough work at hand for our leaders to not allow our country to indulge in solving others problems.

"Being Good at Home and Great with our own people" is what India and its leaders have practiced for centuries way back from the medieval to historic to now the democratic era.

United States has always believed in playing an instrumental role in resolving challenges across the world. This stems from the fact that historically United States is made up of citizens who originated from the whole world.

History always plays a role in the Present.

The coming together of the two leaders signifies the unity between the two nations to expedite the process of progress and peace.

President Obama and Prime Minister Modi resolved that HealthCare is an area of need where both nations can play a major role.

I feel these are great times for Medicine and Health in India and the United States.

Collaborations between Institutions, Agencies and Individuals in United States and India in the fields of Clinical Medicine, Bench side Research, Health Technology,  and Population Sciences under the auspices of Education, Innovation and Patient Care initiatives will be game changers for this multi billion dollar industry.

It has been recognized by many in both the administrations that INDO-US Partnership in healthcare is crucial to Smart Diplomacy.

"When Brains Meet-Bodies Build" : I advocate this vehemently.

Health Security is a major challenge to all nations. Ebola continues to be a looming threat and Microbial Invasion is something which can wipe out a whole nation and its economy within a short span.

India has a large population  and a larger challenge to contain diseases and foster health. United States has the resources, the technology and the experience to work with India to find solutions to the challenges thus benefitting the world at large.

Continuous Immigration of Indian Technocrats, Researchers, Innovators, Administrators and Physicians to the United States provides a major talent resource which has to be kept flowing. This can only happen in a vibrant India. USA has recognized this fact and India has understood the same extremely well.

HealthCare in India needs the technical inputs from United States to create processes for accrediting quality benchmarks for patient care, instituting strong public health education infrastructures, building the NanoBiotech Innovations Corridor, strengthening and modifying the Health Education system towards making it more patient centric and personalized.

Its is very defined that definitely the United States can do all of the above.

In return India can provide the much needed constant supply of talent and work force to the United States who will push trade and development by and between the two nations.

The areas of progress are below:

1. Technology Development, manufacturing instruments and medicines are key areas where the cost of healthcare can be reduced and "Make in India" campaign can be progressed.

2. Creating Schools of Public Health attached to major Universities can increase the Public Health Workforce in India.

3. Modifying the Medical Education Model to make it more focused on Personalized Medicine and Quality Care can change the perspective of patient safety in India.

4. Bridging Information Technology to build the Electronic Health Records System which enhance the tracking of diseases and monitor the effect of interventions to better the health of Indians.

5. Increasing Capital Investments in Building Hospitals, Consolidating working hospitals, starting disruptive innovative solutions like dialysis centers, short stay hospitals can provide the needed care for a ever increasing population.

6. Working to create Accreditation and Regulatory Processes to synchronize the education, research and patient care systems can enhance the coordination of flow of talent between India and the United States.

7. Encourage partnerships in Education, Research and Patient Care between Individuals, Agencies and Institutions with a clear focus on Health Development.

8. Expedite the process to allow investors and innovators across the countries to work swiftly and deliver quickly.

9. Conduct Talent Hunt Marathons to foster Talent across the two nations which can be used by the two nations collectively to grow both the nations as a whole.

10. Provide the needed financial and governmental support to make all the above happen consistently.

Now I will state history:

12 Years ago INDUSEM ( was born when many like me envisioned that INDIA and United States should work together to do the things which are being chalked out today.

INDUSEM started off with a focus on developing Academic Emergency Medicine and Trauma Sciences in India with technical inputs from the United States.

Today INDUSEM has established partnerships in all the areas of HealthCare namely basic Sciences, Clinical Medicine and Public Health.

INDUSEM has fostered collaborations between individuals, institutions and agencies in India and United States to progress Education, Research and Patient Care.

 INDUSEM is a major force in INDO-US Health Advocacy, Policy Development, Health Prevention, Developmental Leadership and Translational Medicine.

INDUSEM has created Networks for bringing existing leaders and discovered human talent to work together to progress India and the United States.

INDUSEM Leaders and Institutions meet regularly, do research together, build policy as partners and advance India and United States as one family.

Leaders across Agencies in India and United States have agreed that INDUSEM is one of the most successful collaborations in history of INDIA-USA partnerships.

"When the Worlds Largest and the Oldest Democracies Work Together the World Progresses as One"

This is the Magic Mantra of INDUSEM which is now a accepted Reality by both the nations !

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