Saturday 3 January 2015

BEEPERS goes Live!

Hello, readers!

We at Team BEEPERS hope that this seemingly simple blog is going to be treasure trove of stories from Emergency Rooms across the globe. Our team is still growing, and I hope you, our readers, help with that too. There are many stories to be told, and we aim to provide a platform for those.

You'll be amazed at the stories - both medical and more often than not, non-medical that you can find in any Emergency Room, anywhere. The atmosphere is always charged, medical/paramedical teams are up and about. There is always a story to be found, if you look close enough.

There are the tales of medical miracles, or practical perspectives into the daily lives of doctors, nurses, patients, and even relatives! There are wins and losses, celebrations and mourning. Anecdotes about funny misinterpretations, or stories that may warn and prevent you from making certain mistakes - they do say you don't live long enough to learn only from your own mistakes.

You may hear about a doctor, so tired at the end of his shift that he just wants to finish up the last few patients and rush home. But he gets another patient at the last minute. Now that's an awful feeling to have one more case just when you were about done for the day. But this doctor sees the patient, remembers why he's doing what he's doing, and goes on to help with warmth in his heart, shaking away the remnants of tiredness from his mind. He orders a few tests, begins treatment after assessing, and explains to the patient what he thinks might be the problem. Then the next doctor comes over, so it's time to say goodbye - to the department, to his patients, and his colleagues who've taken over manning the fort. He finds out the next day that the patient - that very last one, is in the ICU, but fortunately not critical. Not critical because he got assessed on time, and they caught an important positive finding in the tests that were ordered the night before. They results came in on time, because the patient was seen on time. The patient was seen on time because the tired doctor at the end of his shift did his duty. He saved a life.

There are many untold stories - some touching, some funny, some educational. We want to share them with you. And if you have stories - whether you're a doctor or patient, student or administrator, nurse or paramedic - we want to hear them. You can request to join in as an author, or we'll share them through our Team profile with due credit.

If nothing else, we hope to provide you with a good read.

Until next time,


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