Thursday 9 November 2023

190th Saturday Summit: WACEM23@ Antalya Turkey 28th October 2023


The World Academic Congress of Emergency Medicine Held its Inaugural Leadership Meeting at 
Antalya Turkey.

The Meeting was held both in-Person and Online.

Chairman Professor Basar Cander Chaired the Meeting

Patient Centered Education
Patient Centered Research
Patient Centered Quality Care
International Patient Care Policies

Some Facts about Emergency Medicine 


Emergency Medicine is not MEDICAL EMERGENCIES

There is no concept by NMC called ED-ICU. ICU Beds in ED are Holding beds for the ICU Team till ICU Beds become available if they are Full. ED ICU Beds are under control of ICU not ED Specialists.

The Operation Theater in ED is only for Life Saving Surgeries like Life Threatening Trauma Bleed, Thoracotomy, Traumatic Thorax & Abdomen Exploration in Unstable Patients only.

Acute Life Saving Vascular Injury Repair is for ED OT.

Elective Surgeries like Gall Bladder, Appendectomy, Ex- Lap, Fracture repair and many where patients are not actively dying don’t need the ED Operating Room.

Emergency Medicine Faculty Need to have a firm understanding of Operations Management.

A Stagnant ED is not an ED for Post Graduate Training nor is an ED which is No Process Management System or Processes Written, Regulated and accounted.

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