Saturday 15 May 2021

60th WACEM-ACAIM Weekly Summit on Pediatric COVID19

8th May 2021

The 60th Weekly Summit Focused on bringing together experts on addressing the following issues

1.  Pediatric Immunization for COVID19

2. Pediatric Clinical Algorithms for COVID care

Inflammation is the major manifestation in Pediatric COVID patients.

Medication Formulary has to be specified and standardized for care.

Critical recognition of sick children is key for proper resource utilization.

Approval of Vaccine for 12 years and older lays additional burden on speeding the vaccine program.

Need for Planning is key

Following paper was Discussed:

2019 WACEM - Academic College of Emergency Experts Consensus Recommendations on Admission Criteria to Pediatric Intensive Care Unit from the Emergency Departments in India.

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