Sunday 18 October 2020

The 31st WACEM-ACAIM Weekly Summit: e-EMINDIA2020


 "Navratri Edition" of  e-EMINDIA2020 (Week 3)
 Dr. Nisanth Menon. 

The meeting began with the WACEM chief Dr.Sagar Galwankar's inspirational introduction. He touched upon the milestones laid by INDUSEM and insisted that Emergency Medicine be looked upon as a surgical specialty.

Failed Supply Chain in COVID and Solutions for Future

Dr. S. Venkataramanaiah
IIM, Kanpur

The International Speaker for the day began his insightful talk with historical perspectives surrounding the silk route and spice routes. As he slowly decoded the supply chain ecosystem, he took us along the supply chain masters and their survival tactics based upon resilient and quick responses of supply chains to meet demands. The SCOR model of supply chain resilience and digitization was highlighted wherein success of supply chains under uncertainty was touted as a solution during the current COVID scenario. Moderator for the session was Dr. Mohammed Haneef, EMA South Zone Secretary and Chief Emergency Physician, MTH, Kochi. This was followed by residency program Presentations.  

ED Administrative Challenges During COVID Times

Dr. Vimal Rohan, 
Government Medical College, Kannur

Dr. Vimal Rohan, Deputy Medical Superintendent and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Govt Medical College, Kannur, Kerala spoke about the unique experiences that were native to his work place. One such experience that led to a string of administrative reforms was about a trauma patient who came with history of jackfruit falling over him and turning COVID positive in ED that led them to screen every patient irrespective of classical symptoms for COVID! Patient flow changes to minimize cross infection, liaison with district and local hospitals to avoid ED boarding and infrastructural up hauling for surge were detailed out from his hospital point of view. The WACEM ventilator sparing protocol training for Emergency Physicians in association with Government of Kerala was an extremely important part of their adapted COVID protocol in ED, he observed. (The link for the landmark paper can be found here:


Dr. Ashmal, 
Junior Resident in Emergency Medicine, 
Government Medical College, Kannur

Following the faculty presentation was a presentation by his resident Dr. Ashmal K T about an interesting resuscitation sequence in ED developed at the time of COVID. In view of lack of literature, an indigenous COVID ED plan was devised by them to preserve frontline healthcare workers. He highlighted limiting the number of staff to two with the help of portable USG and a central camera in the COVID resuscitation area. Another important point highlighted was their use of LMA and use of video laryngoscope for intubation in crash patients along with other standard precautions.

Lung sonographic findings in COVID-19 Patients

Dr. Ankit Sahu, 
Emergency Medicine Department, 
AIIMS, New Delhi 

A prospective observational study from the Department of Emergency Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi was presented in brief by Dr. Ankit and his mentor Prof. Sanjeev Bhoi. The study measured the incidence of lung Ultrasound findings among COVID patients and correlated it with severity of the disease. Their major finding was that findings tend to be bilateral, occurring more in the lower zones with common pleural line irregularities and B-profile. They observed that these findings were accentuated in those with severe disease as well.

Complete Heart Block: A Rare Presentation of COVID-19

Dr. Vaishnavi, 
Junior Resident in Emergency Medicine, 
AIIMS, New Delhi

An atypical case of COVID positive patient was discussed conveying the fact that Emergency Physicians need to be vigilant about out of the box presentations in COVID. AIIMS Residency Program Faculty Mentor Dr Sanjeev Bhoi summarized the presentations with a crisp note on their study and impressed the audience on point of care ultrasound being a far better option than other radiological investigations like X-rays or CT in COVID cases approaching the Emergency Department.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation and attendance. We hope you benefit from these cases, discussion, and interdepartmental participation. There is plenty of learning material and a wealth of knowledge to be distributed. 

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Join us again next week for more to come.

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