Monday 20 April 2020

The 5th WACEM-ACAIM Joint Special Global Web Conference on Advance therapeutics in COVID19: Opinions from Experts around the World.

Date: 18th April 2020

Inter Facility and In-Hospital Patient Transfers:
A detail discussion was held based on the HMC Qatar model about strict protocols for donning and doffing of protective clothing and gadgets when conducting COVID19 Patient Transfers. 

Various Videos are shared:

Lung Management Algorithms
Currently there are no objective recommendations / criteria about prone ventilation. There are no directives as regards duration, and monitoring and when does one intubate. There is no recommendation about ventilation settings. The WACEM Task force will soon come up with the recommendations, which will be a consensus document.

One aspect, which stood out, clearly was that there was a stark difference between Crisis Telemedicine and Culture of Telemedicine. 
Patient Confidentiality, Patient Safety, Care Reimbursements and Tele medical records will need to be addressed very technically and systematically as Telemedicine becomes the new norm. 
In Crisis allied tools and platforms are used with very little recording of summaries of communication. If Crisis Telemedicine proceeds to be cultural telemedicine then a lot of thought will have to be put in to the four pillars of confidentiality, safety , records and reimbursements.

Immunology of COVID
Data on Immune Mechanisms of COVID was presented and on  discussion it was hypothesized that COVID Storm was a hyper immune reaction where there was some role played by IL-6. A detail discussion on Immunotherapy will be done in the Next Conference.

Anti COVID Therapeutics:
Currently some drugs are showing hope and so is the vaccine development. The data is enough to suggest compassionate use only. The group could not mention anything about Definitive EBM use of any therapy.

WACEM-ACAIM Survey Research

Leaders of WACEM have undertaken Path breaking Research and present surveys for open participation.

EMERGE Study: 

University of South Alabama Study 

HCQ Study                                                                                                                                              

Post COVID Era

If Post COVID becomes the New Norm Process of Medical Care will change. Detail discussion on the above area will be done in the next meeting.

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