Sunday 18 February 2024

The 204th Saturday Summit on 3rd February 2024




The STEM Program in Emergency Medicine Completed its First Year at AIIMS Nagpur and PARUL University Gujarat.

The Saturday Summit Discussed Expansion of STEM Program to other Centers across India

The Phenomenal Combination of Structured Training made up of 

One Hour Online lectures on M-W-F covering TINTINALLI Textbook Completely from January to December and repeating cyclically Thereafter. 

This was coupled with 40 Pages Per Week Mandatory Readings for Students Matching the weekly lectures and weekend MCQ Recall Tests which covered the whole syllabus in one year. 

The Best Part were the structured  2 Hour Per Week Clinical Capsules conducted by AIIMS and PARUL University which were again cyclical to repeat every year so PGY 1 will hear do the same standard training 3 Time over 3 Years.

The Architect of This Phenomenal Program was Dr. Sagar Galwankar CEO of INDUSEM

Some Facts about Emergency Medicine 


Emergency Medicine is not MEDICAL EMERGENCIES

ABC is not a Clinical Exam ; Clinical Exam is Same for EM like all specialties 

There is no concept by NMC called ED-ICU. ICU Beds in ED are Holding beds for the ICU Team till ICU Beds become available if they are Full. ED ICU Beds are under control of ICU not ED Specialists.

The Operation Theater in ED is only for Life Saving Surgeries like Life Threatening Trauma Bleed, Thoracotomy, Traumatic Thorax & Abdomen Exploration in Unstable Patients only.

Acute Life Saving Vascular Injury Repair is for ED OT.

Elective Surgeries like Gall Bladder, Appendectomy, Ex- Lap, Fracture repair and many where patients are not actively dying don’t need the ED Operating Room.

Emergency Medicine Faculty Need to have a firm understanding of Operations Management.

A Stagnant ED is not an ED for Post Graduate Training nor is an ED which is No Process Management System or Processes Written, Regulated and accounted

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