Sunday 18 February 2024

Celebrating the 200th Uninterrupted Saturday Summit- 6th January 2024


From the Desk of INDUSEM CEO Dr. Sagar Galwankar

6th  January 2024 Marked a Landmark Day as we celebrated the 

200th Uninterrupted Saturday Summit. 

We looked back on this Journey which started off as a Saturday Meeting 200 Saturdays ago Dedicated to discussing topics related to COVID Care....

Those Meetings Generated one of the best literatures in Emergency Medicine on COVID Management.

It also resulted in me delivering a TEDx Talk on Collaborative Creativity for Global Health Security.

We Celebrated the 100th Saturday in Style

We went on to evolve as the Saturday when we would launch on ASWAMEGH faculty Development Program which is now held on Every Saturday since 2022

Today 200 Weeks later we have established a global benchmark of Academic meetings with Supreme Caliber.

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