Saturday 26 February 2022

Centenary Saturday Summit Celebrations : A Reflection into last 100 weeks : 12th Feb-19th Feb 2022

100 Weeks = 700 Days

100 Weeks = 1.918 Years

100 Weeks = 23.01 Months

100 Weeks = 250 Hours of Education over 100 Saturdays

The Saturday Summit Completes Uninterrupted 100 Weeks of Academic meetings.

What Started off as a Meeting of Academic Experts addressing developing paradigm of the COVID Pandemic, The Saturday Summit evolved to chart some landmark events.

With our experience in Information Technology and the tech back up we moved swiftly to reformat our education and communication formats.

INDUSEM is an academic leader hence we evolved a novel virtual format of a Saturday E-Summit on COVID19 which began in March 2020 and is conducted till date every Saturday at 6:30 PM India time till date.

INDUSEM-ACAIM-WACEM Joined hands to organize this Saturday Summit which has involved over 7000 delegates since March 2020.

The Academic Network produced landmark PubMed Indexed papers on COVID patient care leading to formative guidelines for Triage, Ventilator Management and Home Oxygen Monitoring for patients with COVID.

We came up with a COVID Central Dashboard which listed all the papers in open access

The Saturday Summit Witnessed the Virtual Sessions of EM INDIA2020 and EPICON2020 in Last Quarter of 2020

January 2021 Witnessed the COVIPOCUS World Congress:

February 2021 Witnessed the COVISIM World Congress:

March & April 2021 Witnessed the National Initiative by WHO-CCET to develop a Full Scale Digitally Driven Faculty Development Program in India.

May 2021 Saw Everyone engage in the Virtual American International Medicine Congress:

June-November saw active engagements of Experts in defining fundamentals of Telemedicine and Preparing a Pediatric Tool Kit for Pediatric COVID Response for INDIA.

December 2021 witnessed the grand success of WACEM21.

January 2022 Marked the Beginning of Faculty Development Program to develop Academic Leaders in Emergency Medicine across India.

The Weekly Saturday Summit will Continue to be the Marked Day for Digitally Driven Interaction and Innovation as we forward the academic agenda for Emergency Sciences across The World.

100 Weeks is a achievement for all the leaders.

Congratulations Everyone !!!! 

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