Friday 25 June 2021

66th WACEM-ACAIM Weekly Summit on Telemedicine Framework based on Lessons from the COVID19 Pandemic

 19th June 2021

As per the past presentations of Prof. Salvatore "Italy was one of the pioneers for pushing the concept and demonstrating the execution of telemedicine in COVID-19. Circumstances necessitated innovation, quick-thinking, and optimal utilization of resources to allow reductions in avoidable admissions to hospitals while balancing the practice of safe medicine in recognizing the dynamical decision making in a rapidly evolving disease. Several papers came from Italy, and Dr. Salvatore presented the protocols suggested and used by his hospital which proved successful in sifting out the low severity COVID patients who benefited from avoidance of institutionalization while still receiving adequate, and frankly impressive medical tele-follow up. "

A detailed Discussion was held to provide finishing touches to the TELEMEDICINE framework for Academic Health Systems.

A New Outline and Restructuring of Safe Data was looked at. 

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