Wednesday 17 March 2021

The 52nd WACEM-ACAIM Special Global Weekly e-Summit In Partnership with WHO-CCET (SEA)

Date: 13th March 2021

The Second Closed Session meeting of the WHO collaborating Center for Emergency and Trauma (WHO-CCET) for South east Asia (SEA)was held.

Safe Emergency Care is the cornerstone Quality Health Services delivery.

Leaders from Bangaladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand and India participated in this meeting.

Special invited experts from around the world were also present.

The National Acccreditation Board of Hospital and Healthcare Providers (NABH) was also represented.

Detail discussions were held on developing quality processes and advancing certification across South east Asia.

The session was held to focus on the promulgation of Quality process to encompass emergency and trauma services into the newly developing emergency departments across India.

The discussion highlighted multiple factors around Quality Process Based education, research and patient care in Medical training.

Assessor Training was considered a key part of the process.

Quality control was also discussed in detail.

The agenda also addressed the acceleration of the Quality Education Curricula across academic hospitals in India.

  It was emphasized that there was a need for creating a framework for Quality Patient Care Training in Rural , Urban , Academic and Non Academic Health Care Facilities.

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